The Duality of Mommy & Me

In this series I explore the complex narratives of Black hair culture through the sub-narrative of the duality between my mother’s and my own hairstyles. I wanted to explore the hair process I have endured my entire life and the memories it brings in relation to my mom. As a young black woman, your mother doing your hair is somewhat of a birthright continued through generations and thus connectivity is evident. This work endeavours to discuss the dualities between Westernized hair practices and natural hair structures with reference to historical Black family portraiture. 

Inspired by black family portraits of the early 1900s, this work emphasizes the staging imagery process with definitive modern elements. My mothers hairstyles in this series exemplify the ways in which black women have hid their natural beauty with historically prevalent hair items and innovative hair designs. While my own hairstyle seen within the series brings about pivotal discussions of its own duality through the split structure of natural hair versus processed hair. This is all executed with visual cues to not only black family portraiture, but more specifically, elements of my own relationship with my mom. 

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