For Coloured Girls

This portrait series depicts a set of black women who have endured hardships of sexism, racism, violence and abuse that have led them to this state, in which their essence is painted on their skin forever in an array of representative colours. This beautiful fictional story is displayed with the use of bold, vibrant colours, suggestive lighting techniques and a post-production painting style that enhances the fictional narrative. Being that I am a black women who has endured some hardships in life, this series of imagery not only showcases all black women's everyday struggles, but my own as a black woman as well. This is a visual representation of the movie adaptation of

For Coloured Girls by Tyler Perry.

(original play by Ntozake Shange)

In connection to the "For Coloured Girls" series, here's a poetic video rendition of the poem "Sing A Black Girl's Song".

In Collaboration with photographer, Brent Gooden.

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